Easter bunny hands out condom filled eggs at Texas elementary school

Ariana Garcia

Houston Chronicle

A Texas parent caused a fervor this week after handing out Easter eggs to kids at the Gullet Elementary School campus in Austin. Most of the eggs were filled with candy, but a handful were packed with unopened condoms.

Parent Nathan Jensen, a professor at the University of Texas and a father of three, said he was initially concerned when the school informed him via email of the incident, taking to social media this week to tweet “Not sure this is the Austin weird I signed up for.” Jensen then took it upon himself to find out more.

According to a text thread among Jensen and other parents at the school, it all seems to have been a mistake. Parents of the thread shared that the woman handing out eggs supposedly works as a pharmacist and had dressed up as a bunny while overseeing a safe-sex presentation at a nearby clinic. Jensen says she then went to pick up her second grader while still wearing the costume and ended up “mobbed” by students at the school, to whom she started handing out candy.

Running out of supplies, she called her husband for help, and he accidentally grabbed the wrong eggs. “Chaos ensued,” Jensen says.

Now, the Austin Independent School District is reevaluating its safety protocols following the incident, according to a report by M. Acosta of KXAN. The district told the news outlet that the parent was asked to leave, but simply moved to a public sidewalk and continued to give away the eggs.

“We are working to review our safety protocols to ensure this does not happen again,” a district spokesperson told KXAN. “It was an incredibly careless and inappropriate action of a parent.”

The school’s principal also sent out a letter to parents explaining that the event was not planned or sanctioned by the school. Officials also spoke with the parent about the “inappropriate nature of their activity,” KXAN reported.

Some politicians are seizing the opportunity to use the incident for their campaigns against discussions about sex in schools. Texas attorney general candidate George P. Bush shared KXAN’s story to Twitter, calling the incident “disgusting” and unlawful.

“Radicalized leftist parents & school admins are out of control, attempting to exploit our children while in school,” Bush tweeted. “As AG, I’ll hold school districts accountable for their failures to protect our kids.”


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