Elementary school principal sues school district after being fired for social media posts

The former principal of a Pennsylvania elementary school was fired in July after stating she would rather vote for a potato than Joe Biden, and now she’s suing the school district.

Amy Sacks, the former principal of Evergreen Elementary School, had about two decades of teaching under her belt when the Perkiomen Valley School District gave her the slip.

The termination order was issued by PKVD Superintendent Barbara Russell.

According to the Daily Wire, Sacks is suing for $500,000 for the “emotional turmoil” she has suffered due to a private Facebook post.

In late November, Sacks released the following statement:

“Many of you know that I am no longer the Principal of Evergreen Elementary at this time. However, the circumstances surrounding this situation have been kept quiet until now. I am reaching out to you today to share with you that as Principal of Evergreen Elementary School I was terminated because I expressed right of center political views — PRIVATELY. Political memes caused me to lose my job. Nothing that I did was even borderline unacceptable — they were simply political viewpoints.

However, Perkiomen Valley School District and Superintendent Barbara Russell have decided that the First Amendment Freedom of Speech has no place in public schools and that teachers and administrators are unfit to serve if they hold and express political beliefs that are right of center. This cancel culture within the public school system has to stop. I was Principal of one of the best performing elementary schools in Pennsylvania and still fell victim to being cancelled out by liberal bureaucrats who don’t believe in diversity of thought, speech, opinion, or political affiliation.

With the support of my husband and family, I have decided to challenge the school district by filing a lawsuit against them to save my job. I hope to lead by example and inspire others to stand against the erosion of our constitutional rights in America. Your support also means the world to me and is helping me to stand strong and fight for what is right. Know that if you have been similarly victimized, that you do not have to fight alone and many people are ready to help.”

The litigation is ongoing.

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