Extremely cheap woman uses men’s old socks as sanitary pads

Screenshots from video below

A penny-pinching blonde who is the lead singer of a rock band goes to great lengths to save money- including charging her bandmates by the mile for a ride around town and pinching odd socks from laundromats to use as feminine napkins.

Goldy Locks, the lead singer of a band that goes by the same name, is incredibly tight with money and has no problem deducting expenses from her bandmates.

The lead charges her bandmates 56 cents a mile -the IRS standard rate- for personal rides to and from destinations, and will even convince others to toss her laundry in with their own to save cash.

The strangest of all things is the using of socks -left behind at a laundromat- as feminine pads.

“It’s environmentally friendly,” she said.

Goldy also lives in an abandoned hospital, which she converted into a house.

YouTube video

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