Father admits he likes watching his daughter’s adult videos with her mother

Corina Taylor (right) and her step-father (left) -who has been her father since she was 18-months-old-made shocking confessions about their lives.

Not much is truly shocking since the pandemic paved the way for more women to become involved in the adult entertainment industry.

The shutdown of many industries in the economy and the ever-growing subscription-based adult platforms allowed the pornography industry to boom.

The market size of the adult online website industry in the US increased faster than the technology sector and the economy overall, according to IBIS World.

But long before streaming video, online mobile devices, and super-fast internet speeds, the industry didn’t have social media to promote itself or a place to distribute its content.

There was the radio and although controversial, Howard Stern filled the radio waves with interviews with many of the industry’s sex workers.

During one of those interviews with a former “Budweiser Budgirl” turned adult entertainment star, Corina Taylor revealed something that was extremely shocking, even by today’s standards.

Not long after making her first film, “Barely Legal 39,” in 2003, she appeared on the show with her step-father, Steve.

“Steve, remarkably, you say she walks around naked, and sometimes you even walk around naked,” Howard said.

“Well, he sleeps naked,” Corina chimed in before Steve could respond.

“Sometimes, yeah,” Steve hesitantly admitted.

“And you see her and you do not get excited by her?” Howard asked.

“Well…you’re taking this, ugh, this is not like an every day all day long thing that she walks around,” Steve said. “Just once and a while.”

“Like this morning in the hotel,” Corina admitted.

Keeping his composure despite the shocking confessions, Howard continued to question Steve, pressing on to a more disturbing question.

“Remarkably, you say you watch her porno films,” Howard said.

“Yes, I’ve seen a couple of them, yeah,” Steve admitted.

“And you enjoy her in a cowboy outfit, that is your favorite?” Howard asked.

“Well, no, it was like a farm-type setup where they did it,” Steve said while stumbling to create his answer.

“What did you like about that particular video?” Howard asked.

Steve started to say, “well I’m from Arkansas” before a producer interjected to say it’s hot because it’s a farm and your daughter.

Excitedly, Steve raised his hands in the air and agreed.

Steve went on to admit he even watches the films with Corina’s mother but assured Howard they do not arouse him.

“I still don’t understand why you watch them,” Howard said.

“They critique them,” Corina said.

“I could not look at my daughter in a porno film because this is my baby,” Howard said.

Unconvinced by Steve’s answers, Howard put him to the test with a lie detector test.

When asked if he wanted to have sex with Corina or if he got aroused by watching her videos, it was determined he was being deceptive.

Shocking as they were, the results made for entertainment, and as podcasts do today, the show significantly expanded Corina’s fan following.

After making 65 videos during her four years in the industry she retired from the business in 2007, according to HotMovies.com.

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