Female baseball fans start chaos at Chicago’s Crosstown Classic; even attack security guards

A Major League Baseball game in Chicago turned violent when several women in the stands began fighting with each other.

The game -known as the Crosstown Classic- squared the two Chicago teams against each other and led to a massive melee in the stands.

“Obviously alcohol played a part in most of it,” Cubs fan Jim Teruel told a local Fox affiliate. “I’m a Cubs fan. Play the Sox, I want the Cubs to win. But ultimately at the end, we all want our Chicago teams to win. So fighting over that, violence? Stupid!”

Others say that it is inevitable, given the location and level of fandom.

“It’s gonna happen. Just steer clear!” said Ryan Krester.

Chicago police made no arrests after Saturday’s game, noting that there was “nothing significant to report.”

It is unknown if any injuries were sustained in the brawl, which included both men and women.

Two women could also be seen attacking security personnel in one of the videos.

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