Female rapper Azealia Banks accused of indecent act on airplane, she calls passengers and crew racists

Rapper Azealia Banks accused a Scandanavian Airlines crew of “racial profiling,” after they allegedly insinuated that she and her boyfriend were having sex on an SAS flight.

“I’m on the SAS flight and this one lady right here thinks me and my boyfriend were having sex on the plane so she tried to racially profile me,” Banks said in a Monday video, which was deleted shortly after being posted.

As the flight attendant attempted to cover the camera, Banks accused her of striking her.

“You just hit me,” she shouted. “This lady just hit me on the f***ing flight.”

According to the Daily Mail, SAS confirmed misbehavior on the flight, but not involving flight attendants.

“The police and FBI were called in when the plane landed,” the airline remarked.

Passengers claimed that Banks was misbehaving, stating that she even delayed a sick child getting off the plane.

“I was on that flight,” Savan Kotecha wrote. “She was the problem. There was no profiling…She was extremely disruptive and disrespectful to the staff and other passengers. My son was will (sic) and we had to wait to get him off the plane cuz she was being such a brat.”

Banks fired back, blaming “white people.”

“I’m back in L.A. b*****s, away from the oppression honey,” she wrote on Instagram. “I really don’t know what it is but anytime I’m in a public place or in a place where I’m enclosed with white people, like old white ladies who love to pick on me, they love to come for me.”

As for Sweden, Banks isn’t a fan.

“’I would really love to see somebody bomb the s**t out of this place,” she wrote. “Give y’all white a***s something to f*****g cry about.”

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