Feminist NYU professor still teaching after allegedly sexually assaulting male student

Avital Ronell (Wikipedia Commons/NYU)

A female professor from NYU who was found responsible for sexually harassing a former grad student not only got to walk away from her charges, she gets to teach for 2019 fall semester.

Avital Ronell, professor of German and Comparative Literature in the College of Arts and Sciences at New York University, was found responsible for physical and verbal harassment of graduate student Nimrod Reitman, but ultimately cleared of charges that included sexual assault and stalking.

Reitman filed a lawsuit against Ronell, claiming that the teacher attempted to take advantage of him, called him repeatedly, and forced his hands onto her breasts.

At one point, Ronell demanded that Reitman address her as “My Beloved, “ threatening his P.h.D if he did not comply.

“She compelled Reitman to comply with her demands by telling him that she could not work with him otherwise, with the result being that he would not be able to obtain his Ph.D,“ the lawsuit alleges.

In the end, Ronell got to keep her job- after all, she’s teaching a class on “Unsettles Scores” for the 2019 fall semester.

According to NYULocal, the university was unwilling to comment on whether or not Ronell’s new students were aware of her previous behavior.

“It is not the University’s practice to discuss personnel issues concerning individual employees, or any specific arrangements that may be set in their workplace,” said university spokesperson John Beckman.

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