Fight breaks out on plane after passenger refuses to wear face mask under shield

Masks seem to be a very divisive issue in the United States, and the enforcement of wearing said cloth coverings appears to often fall into the hands of both the unwilling and the unqualified.

However, regardless of how one feels about the issue, no one can deny that those vehemently pro or anti-mask have made for embarrassing accounts as to how we’ve regressed as a society.

The most recent incident reportedly took place on an Allegiant Air flight from Mesa-Phoenix in Arizona to Provo, Utah.

During the flight, an elderly man expressed his reluctance to wear a mask aboard the aircraft, prompting others to become irate.

Eventually, mob mentality appears to kick in, and several younger individuals begin violently putting their hands on the unmasked individual, while flight attendants and ground crew half-heartedly attempt to intervene.

Not only did putting hands on the man effectively spread any potential exposure that might have existed, it exposed the sad state of civility in 2020.

“That man could have had a medical condition instead of beating him up,” one person commented on the Instagram video. “How bout talking to him, and it would be up to the [people]l who work there…not a plane full of bullies.”

“If I were that older man who was getting beat up,” the commenter continued, “I’m going to tell you I would sue every last one of them who put [their] hands on me, including the airline.”

Another noted that the violent actions solved nothing except potentially spread contagions.

“People beat up guy on plane for not wearing a mask,” one user wrote. “People who are beating up guy on plane voluntarily expose themselves to droplets by getting close enough to punch him, thereby entering the breathing space of multiple other people. Notice the masks of most of the people fighting are not covering their noses/mouths.”

However, even the camerawoman, who goes by bakedbyrylie, was not exempt from the public’s disappointment and disdain.

“I find it pretty disgusting that you recorded while a man was being attacked by several people,” an individual wrote.

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