Finnish city plagued with rape crimes by migrants tells women to say don’t touch my “no-no square”

A local government in the Finnish city of Oulu has taken “stunning and brave” steps to ensure the indigenous female population no longer suffer from the rash of sexual assaults committed on them by the migrant community- by creating a TikTok video telling would-be rapists not to touch a woman’s “no-no square.”

The TikTok video in question has since gone viral, and shows several bored and aging city employees doing a choreographed dance to a synthesizer.

“Stop! Don’t touch me there, this is my no-no square,” they chanted, referring to a woman’s vagina.

Twitter user and Oulu resident Tiina Wiik took to the internet to express her displeasure.

“My home town has launched a 2.5 million euro project called Safe Oulu that aims at combating the (migrant) rape crisis,” she wrote. “This is where the money goes. Kill me now. At least, be kind and lobotomize me so I won’t have to live with this image in my head.”

Wiik went on to discuss the matter further, claiming that while locals had complained, they were ultimately ignored and censored.

“This is true. In the last city council meeting my boyfriend [June] absolutely destroyed the politicians praising this laughable project, and the city uploaded an edited version of the meeting on their Youtube channel in which Junes’s speech was edited out,” she said.

Many in Finland have become irritated at the “progressive” and sensitive matter in which migrant-related rapes -including those of minors being groomed in large part by Muslim migrant pedophiles- have been handled by the Finnish government.

“The woman in glasses in the front is a former social democrat candidate,” Wiik added. “Before the grooming scandal broke the news, she denied such problem even existed and claimed migrant rape gangs are just a lie made up by racists.”

But this isn’t the first time the local government has offered bad advice for dealing with migrant rape.

“If the rape macarena isn’t enough to stop them, there’s always the oldie-but-goodie advice from our public news network: just stretch your arm out in front of you with the palm facing the attacker, and the rapist will go away,” Wiik wrote.

According to Ilta Sanomat, a Finnish publication, a large number of the rapes are committed by Iraqis, who view the act as a sort of cultural norm.

To make matters worse, migrant women who are raped tend not to report the matter to anyone, even their spouses, out of fear that their husband may kill them.

Finnish Police statistics report that in 2017, Afghans and Iraqis were suspected of having sex crimes committing rape at a rate 40 times higher than indigenous Finns.

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