Florida girls donned the “Blue Top Legend” for “full send” in Boca Raton

Screenshot from video below

Two young ladies in South Florida went “full send” with a Boston Whaler pleasurecraft, becoming internet darlings in the process.

The unidentified women, who were operating a small vessel known for putting around bays and harbors, but the little outboard to the limit, getting a complete clearance from the brackish water of Boca Inlet in Palm Beach County. 

Video of the incident was posted to YouTube,  where it generated views, comments, and likes galore.

Dubbed the “Blue Top Legend” due to the color of the sun canopy,  the Boston Whalers is seen hopping the quiet waves with ferocity. 

“Sending it hard in a Whaler is known in my parts as a Nantucket Sleighride! I’ve owned several Whalers over the past 25 years and I’ve been airborne for half the time I’ve been out,” a person commented on Youtube.

Within 72 hours, 863,000 people got to witness the Blue Top Legend and her crew doing their thing.

“Blue Top Legends: Duchesses of Hazard,” one user wrote, referencing the famous jump scenes from the “Dukes of Hazzard.”

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