Florida man under fire for testing girls with “human cattle grate” before taking them home from bar


A comedy content creator has been criticized for using a “human cattle grate” to determine if his inebriated hook-ups are too drunk to go home with him.

Ross, who goes by CreationRoss on TikTok, recently uploaded a video showing a gap in the fence of an urban parking lot in Sarasota, FL, where he has his dates try and slip through.

The prankster, who usually gets laughs from his videos on various social media platforms, was met with rage after his October 2nd video upload to TikTok.

“When I go to the bar and I come back with a girl with me, this is the way that I bring her,” he said in the video as two skinny girls sauntered through the gap.

“It’s a great filter to know if I’m too drunk or something,” he added.

“If they can’t get through there that means that I know I’m too drunk and they shouldn’t come home with me.”


It’s like a human cattle grate

♬ original sound – RossCreations

Comments on the video range from amused to outraged, with little in between.

“Oh, he gonna regret posting this,” one user wrote.

An earlier report indicated that most users were upset but the ratio eventually turned for Ross and the majority of negative comments were drowned out, with the remainder mostly making fun of his braces.

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