Florida woman arrested after stealing Juul, then trying to escape in Lyft

A University of California-Los Angeles alum did her alma mater proud after she stole an e-cigarette from a Florida gas station- and then tried to flee using Lyft and Uber.

24-year-old Kate Lamothe snatched the $42.79 Juul vaping device on July 30, fleeing the Pinellas Park Exxon station and leaping into a getaway car.

The only issue: the getaway car was a Lyft, and the driver was not willing to partake in her criminal behaviour.

Now forced to “hoof it,” Lamothe summoned an Uber, who was willing to pick her up. Unfortunately for her, the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office found her before she could make a clean escape.

According to Fox News, Lamothe was charged with retail theft and freed on a $150 bond.

Lamothe has a considerably large social media footprint, documenting a rather lavish lifestyle that includes several years of (photographed) tobacco use.

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