Former NFL player releases political ad featuring him fending off the KKK

Source: Twitter video

A former NFL player in Arizona is looking to blitz the upcoming elections- and his ad campaign makes it pretty clear why he has some of the stances he does.

Jerone Davison, who once played for the Oakland Raiders in the late 1990s, is running a Republican ticket campaign for competitive Arizona’s 4th congressional district in the 2022 election.

In a recent ad, Davison made it clear where he stood in regards to firearms ownership- particularly “America’s Rifle,” the AR-15.

In the ad, men dressed as the Klu Klux Klan (and bearing the marking of the party that helped found the white supremacist group) approach a home, acting menacingly and brandishing weapons.

Davison, dressed as if he is about to attend a formal dinner, walks out of the house with his AR-15 pointed skyward.

The Klansmen retreat in fear as the 31-second ad comes to an end.

One of several running for the coveted seat, Davison is not without his controversial anchors- particularly his eccentric campaign manager.

According to Vice, Davison Campaign manager Austin “Baby Q” Steinbart claims to be a time-traveler who not only believes QAnon is “a military intelligence operation” that uses “space-age quantum technology to post messages from the future to internet forums in the present,” but also that he is affiliated with the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Despite these “quirks,” Davison still backs Steinbart.

“Austin is my campaign manager,” Davison wrote on Facebook. “The left is so afraid of my campaign that they tried to force me to fire [Steinbart].”

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