Former science teacher indicted for her part in 2020 riots, used caltrops to disable Portland police vehicles

A disgraced high school teacher out of Oregon has been indicted over her participation in the riots of 2020, a historic first move of a rioter case being reinstated.

Malia Lynne Trammell, a 29-year-old former science teacher and volleyball coach, was indicted on one count each of felony riot, felony identity theft, second-degree criminal mischief, interfering with a peace officer and third-degree escape.

According to PM, the educator by trade used to work at Gladstone High School in Gladstone, Oregon.

Trammell was reportedly part of an interdiction team of Antifa rioters, who were tasked with intercepting and disabling Portland Police vehicles with metal spiked caltrops.

The devices were deployed outside of a Portland Police station on August 6.

Trammell attempted to escape after she allegedly damaged a police vehicle, slipping out from under her backpack straps and fleeing on foot. However, was arrested after tripping and falling.

Initially, Trammell was released without bail and her charges were quickly dropped by district attorney Mike Schmidt. However, authorities have reinstated charges following additional evidence.

The riots had a particularly heavy Antifa presence, prompting many officials to push for legislation to give the far-left wing group a “terrorist” designation.


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