Former ‘throuple’ Congresswoman Katie Hill sues media outlets over ‘nonconsensual’ images

Former US Congresswoman Katie Hill has been on a legal warpath, suing her ex-husband an a conservative news publication for sharing photos of her doing drugs in the nude.

The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, and is approximately 41 pages long.

The primary targets of the Hill’s lawsuit, ex-husband Kenneth Heslep, Salem Media Group Inc., Mail Media Inc., deputy managing editor Jennifer Van Laar, and “The Real Side” radio show host Joseph Messina.

According to Hill, the defendants shared “nonconsensual porn,” sullying her reputation.

Furthermore, Hill has succeeded in getting a temporary restraining order against Heslep, who allegedly causes her to fear for her life and subjected her to fifteen years of abuse.

Hill’s lawsuit alleges that the restraining order prompted Heslep to “humiliate her further, harder, louder and more viciously; even publishing new naked images they know were taken and disseminated without Hill’s consent.”

Hill, a Democrat elected in California during the 2018 midterms, resigned with less than a year in after it was discovered she had a three-way love triangle with her husband and a female staffer.

According to the New York Post, nude photos of her doing drugs and combing her staffer’s hair were disseminated online after the scandal broke.

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