Full Potato: San Francisco changes official terminology, felons now called ‘justice-involved persons’

Political correctness in California’s San Francisco has hit a new milestone, this time going so far as to accommodate felons by calling them something less threatening.

Despite being completely inundated with homelessness, drugs, public defecation and crime, the city has changed the official lingo when it comes to describing the city’s undesirables, in order to seem more progressive.

Juvenile Delinquent? Not so fast. In San Francisco, they’re referred to as a “young person impacted by the juvenile justice system.”

Junkies or addicts also get a facelift on official documents, and are henceforth known as “a person with a history of substance use.”

But the real icing on the politically-correct cake involves felons and ex-cons, known as “justice-involved persons” and “returning residents.”

According to Fox News, the city’s goal is to make people feel better about themselves.

“We don’t want people to be forever labeled for the worst things that they have done,” said SF Supervisor Matt Haney. “We want them ultimately to become contributing citizens, and referring to them as felons is like a scarlet letter that they can never get away from.”

While the city board is already using the new terms, Mayor London Breed has yet to formally endorse the change.

While the lingo change will do little to address crime, it will no doubt make for some confusing crime reports.

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