Full video released of woman who pulled gun on mother and daughter; shows different story

An altercation between several individuals in Michigan resulted in a woman drawing her firearm as a defensive measure- and while opinions have been already solidified, news reports have already aired and arrests have already been made, it is only recently that the full recording of the incident has been publicly available.

The incident, which initially involved a white male and female and two black females, reportedly began over a simple matter- lack of social distancing and bumping into one another at a local Orion Township Chipotle.

The physical contact allegedly took place when the white female bumped into Makayla Green, who claims the woman was not very police after Green said “Excuse you.”

Before I could walk into Chipotle, this woman was coming out, and I had moved out the way so she can walk out,” Makayla Green said in an interview with The Detroit News. “She bumped me, and I said, ‘Excuse you.’ And then she started cussing me out and saying things like I was invading her personal space.”

Green’s mother, Takelia Hill, is reported by witnesses to have become aggressive as she attempted to defend her daughter, and approached the woman from behind.

“I walked up on the woman yelling at my daughter,” Hill said. “She couldn’t see me because her back was to me, but she was in my daughter’s face.”

The initial encounter was not caught on camera, and begins as the woman is being reviled by Hill and Green.

Any attempts at reasonable dialogue immediately begin to unravel during the encounter, and at one point, the woman who bumped into Green attempts to walk to her SUV while actively listening to the mother and daughter, who repeatedly say that the woman is “ignorant and racist.”

The mother and daughter continued to box the woman in against a table, and the woman urged them to “call the police” as they continually closed distance with her, pointing and waving their hands about in her face.

“You’re blocking me from getting in my car,” the woman said.

“No we weren’t,” Green insisted. “You’re ignorant.”

By this point, a man -believed to be the woman’s husband- steps out of the SUV and comes between the two parties, apparently having had quite enough.

The man created space between the woman and Green, opening the SUV door for the woman.

After the woman claimed she would call the police, Hill became more irate, and can be seen quickly closing distance as the woman attempts to back into the passenger seat of the vehicle.

“Do it, b**ch,” Hill said aggressively.

The man closes the door for the woman, and Hill can be seen becoming more aggressive.

“Dumb ass b**ch,” she said.

Suddenly, she turned to the man.

“Yeah, I said it,” she said, bringing her finger close to his face. “You say something, I’ll beat your white a**, too.”

The man then shifted his balance, and Green then began to close distance as well, effectively boxing the man in against a railing.

“Do something!” Hill and Green repeatedly shouted.

“Who the (expletive) do you think you guys are?” he said.

The mother and daughter began shouting even louder.

“You’re calling her names?” he said. “She did nothing to you.”

“You’re very racist and ignorant,” Green insinuated as the man attempted to get into the vehicle.

“You’re racist because you’re calling her names,” the man replied.

Finally, the woman in the passenger seat rolls down her window.

“You can not just walk around calling white people racist,” she said as Hill -who at this point no longer appears interested in listening- repeatedly shouts “Why would you bump her?”

“This is not that kind of world,” the woman said, attempting to speak over Hill. “White people aren’t racist. No one is racist. I care about you. I care about you, and I’m sorry if you had an incident that has made someone make you feel like that.”

“No one is racist,” the woman added as the window rolled up. I’m sorry if you had something like that happen.”

“Ignorant,” Green repeated once more. “Ignorant.”

As the SUV begins to back up, Green can be heard telling her mother to either back up or pay attention.

“Ma, watch!” she said, pausing to move the camera.

Hill, who upon review in slow-motion, does not move and leans in while still speaking to the occupants of the vehicle, is nearly bumped by the SUV and begins striking the vehicle.

“I will beat your f***ing a**,” she screamed as Green picked up speed and approached the SUV with a closed fist.

Hill, who has by this point advanced to the passenger door, is confronted by the woman, who either opened the door or had it opened.

“Get the f*** away from me!” the woman shouted, now in close proximity between the mother and daughter.

Green and Hill demand the woman get out of their faces, and continue to close distance, prompting the woman to draw a sidearm, which did not have a round chambered.

“Get away, right now,” she said. “Get away.”

“Get the f*** back!” the man shouted, backing up the woman and reportedly drawing his own sidearm, though it cannot be seen on film.

“Get the f*** away,” the woman shouted, chambering a round and going into something kind of resembling a low-ready stance.

Hill said something unintelligible, followed by “You gonna shoot me?”

“Oooooh,” Hill begins to say in a taunting tone.

“Call the cops right now,” the woman said as Hill continued to mock her. “Call them.”

“She gots a gun on me,” Hill repeats several times as she casually films the encounter.

“Get the license plate,” Hill said as she continues to film.

“Call the cops!” Green urges her mother.

The two squabble for a few seconds, when the woman begins to back up against the SUV.

“Don’t you f***ing jump behind my car.”

Suddenly, Hill became enraged and advanced upon the woman.

“Ma, stop moving!” Green pleaded.

Hill continued to advance, screaming loudly.

“Stop, mom!” Green screamed.

“Back up!” the woman shouted, raising her sidearm as she attempted to reverse and create more distance. “Get the f**k back!”

At this point, several people have gathered, and a number of people begin shouting.

“You got this on video?” one woman asks.

“Yes,” Green said as her mother begins wailing.

As the woman begins to get back in her car, Hill begins moving again.

“Ma, STOP WALKING!” Green shouts.

As the woman re-enters the car and another party can be heard calling 911, Green suddenly sounds as if she is crying.

“They pulled a gun out on us!” she sobbed. “These white people, they so racist! They pulled a gun out on my mama, both of them! It was a white lady and a white man.”

“They pulled a gun?” a bystander asked.

The video then ends, having lasted three minutes and eight seconds.

A one minute, eleven second video soon made its way to Twitter, posted by Makay Smith, Green’s aunt.

“This happened today in Auburn Hills,MI,” she wrote in the video’s caption. “Another Karen.”

Smith would later tweet that the two individuals were approached by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, and that their weapons were taken.

“Update,” Smith tweeted. “They were let go !!! The police just took the guns away !!! Ridiculous!!!! They said they couldn’t arrest her because my niece mother [sic] hit there [sic] car (with her hand ) to stop them from hitting my niece!!! Justice needs to be served!  This is white privilege.”

It should be noted that Green was in front of the SUV as it was backing up.

The man and woman, identified as Jillian Wuestenberg, 32, and Eric Wuestenberg, 42, were eventually arrested and charged with felonious assault. They are expected to be arraigned Thursday.

Eric Wuestenberg worked as a coordinator for veterans support services at Oakland University, but Detroit News reported that he was fired before end of business day on Thursday.

“We have seen the video and we deem his behavior unacceptable” a statement from OU said. “The employee has been notified that his employment has been terminated by the university.”

Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard addressed the matter, stating that  “there were two very different stories.”

“Let’s have a little more tolerance for each other and not being so quick to react,” Bouchard said. “If someone is doing something improper or unfair, I tell my family and friends to look away. This is not the moment to plant your flag.”

Michigan  state Sen. Rosemary Bayer, D-Beverly Hills, also chimed in.

“There is nothing acceptable about what happened in Orion Township last night at the Chipotle. It is abhorrent to think that some in this country have such a sense of self-righteousness and entitlement that the idea of pulling a gun out on an unarmed child and her mother is OK,” Bayer said in a statement. “It is not, and I condemn anyone who thinks otherwise. My heart goes out to Ms. Hill and her daughters, who may now forever be traumatized by this experience.”

Bayer also took advantage of the incident to demand stricter gun control.

“Michigan needs commonsense [sic] gun reform, and we need it now. People should feel safe going about their day and not have to worry about having a gun pulled on them during a conflict,” she said. “This incident clearly shows we have much work to do because this is not how we should be treating each other.”

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