Furries become a “revolutionary cause,” targeting police officers

Furries have taken up the “revolutionary cause,” and they have put police in their sights with a new online campaign.

For those who aren’t in the know, furry subculture involves the often sexual and personal interest in anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics.

While the furry subculture traditionally leans left of center, many in the furry community have felt empowered by political and racial unrest of recent months to push their politics to more extreme levels.

Dubbed “socialist teeth,” the campaign is currently trending on Twitter and has attracted many who have an affinity for the far-left “antifascist” movement, the defunding of police and the idea of fetishizing animal characteristics.

Ranging from images of giant animals destroying police cars to rehashes of old propaganda posters from before the Cold War depicting Soviet Soldiers, the artwork associated with the #socialistteeth movement has picked up speed on social media.

Furries are often rather ostracized by the mainstream online community, making them prime candidates for fringe elements such as ANTIFA and other far-left movements, which have historically promoted inclusion- at least until those they include to join the fight are no longer useful to the cause.

Interestingly, the furry community is rather infamous for their public behavior, particularly at conventions.

In September of 2015, furries partaking in “Rainfurrest” were effectively blacklisted from hotels all over the country after they completely trashed the Seattle Airport Hilton in Washington State.

From selling drugs and participating in lewd public sex acts to walking around in feces-filled diapers (an act known as “crinkling”) and causing thousands of dollars in damage.

The incident became so well-known, that the convention organizers suddenly found themselves getting denied at venues all over the country.

The event was eventually canceled for good.

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