“Get your white face out of here:” police officer chased to his cruiser after responding to a shooting

Screenshots from video below

Police in Atlanta were having a hard time investigating a shooting at a local gas station- after the officers were angrily told by locals to leave because they were white lawmen.

The incident, which was partially recorded and posted to WorldStar Hip Hop, took place at 8 PM on Sunday.

The site of the shooting, a local Chevron gas station, was abuzz with local residents.

Authorities were informed that two people had been injured after an altercation with the suspect left to the aforementioned individual opening fire.

Upon arrival, Atlanta PD was met with resistance, with several individuals claiming that white officers were not welcome in the area.

In the video, a white officer was the target of racism while the two other black officers did not seem to draw any criticism from the crowd.

“No white cops,” one shouted.

“Get your white face out of here,” another said.

After numerous threats the officer left the area, heading towards a police cruiser but the crowd followed him.

“I’ll knock you the f*** out,” a man screamed at the officer while another man in an “I can’t breathe shirt” put his hand in the officer’s face.

“It ain’t safe for no white people out here,” the recorder of the video says while laughing.

Since the shooting, one unidentified man has been taken into custody and the two victims are listed to be in stable condition, according to WSB-TV.

The incident comes not long after an Atlanta police officer was ambushed and shot in the face while reporting to a call in Midtown.

According to Fox 5, APD Officer Khuong Thai was caught off guard when police utilized an elevator at an apartment building where they were responding to a call.

The suspect, Joseph Lee Humbles, was killed in the exchange and the officer is reportedly in stable condition. 

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