Governor of Nairobi sends care packages to citizens which include Hennessy, claiming it fights coronavirus

The Governor of Nairobi, Kenya, is helping the poor during the pandemic- by sending them care packages with little bottles of fine cognac in them.

In what might be one of the more interesting cases of dealing with coronavirus, Governor Mike Sonko -who has been relieved of his duties following a corruption scandal- sent off parcels with Hennessy inside to tackle the virus.

“We will be giving some small bottles of Hennessy in the food package which we give to our people,” he said, wearing a protective visor. “I think from the research conducted by the World Health Organization and various health organisations it has been revealed that alcohol plays a very major role in killing the coronavirus or any sort of virus.”

While the WHO -who has been accused of corruption and working with the Chinese Communist Party- does recommend high-concentration alcohol to be used as a hand sanitizer, nothing has been said in regards to drinking it.

According to the British tabloid Daily Mail, African Medical and Research Foundation (Amref) CEO Githinji Gitahi rejected Sonko’s care packages.

“Dump this the way you would dump your used COVID-19 mask-never to be recovered,” Gitahi responded.

Sonko insisted that his NGO, Sonko Rescue Team, has experience in his community and should be allowed to continue the charity work, despite the calls to shut him down.

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