Grand Theft Auto 6 will be more ‘sensitive’ and feature Latina woman as the main character

Source: Rockstar Games

The newest entry in the Grand Theft Auto franchise is going to be more “sensitive,” according to developers.

In what may be further proof that nothing is sacred, the new GTA will feature a playable female character and will lack many of the game’s notable features, including lack of political correctness.

According to IGN, the company behind GTA -known as Rockstar- has undergone many changes, and has embraced a more progressive stance on inclusive office culture.

The company has previously been referred to as a “boy’s club.”

The new female playable character will reportedly be a Latina and a deuteragonist in a “Bonnie and Clyde” story.

In addition to the new characters, the Vice City-set game will also feature foreign locations for the player to travel to.

Other changes include the discontinuing of “Cops and Crooks” mode (a response to the riots of 2020), and fewer jokes that “punch down” at so-called “marginalized groups.”

The game is looking at a tentative 2024 release.

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