High school student defends her work in adult entertainment after school paper ran her story

A California high school senior who was the subject of an article in her student newspaper about her involvement in the porn industry is defending her career, claiming that she “likes the positive attention.”

Cailtin Fink is only 18 years of age, but she’s well known at the Bear Creek High School in Stockton. Leaving home at the end of 2018, Fink turned to porn in order to make ends meet- and hasn’t looked back.

“Adult entertainers aren’t just objects, they are actual people. They have feelings; they have goals; they have motivation,” she said.

When her story was published in her high school paper, it quickly became a controversial issue.

“I feel like the district sees it as a taboo thing that should be swept under the rug, but it’s really not a taboo topic,” she told CBS Local. “It’s just a topic that people don’t like to talk about because it makes them feel uncomfortable,” Fink said.

When students found out what she was doing and how she was raking in hundreds of dollars for only a few hours of work, a lot of assumptions and questions arose.

“When people found out I was doing that, they assumed all these things about me, and I was like, ‘oh no that’s not true,’” Fink said.

The school paper, The Bruin Voice, quickly found itself at odds with the school system, who threatened to shut the publication down and fire the director, Kathi Duffel. However, an independent attorney deemed the article suitable for release, and the story was allowed to run.

As far as Fink is concerned, she’s sticking to porn, hoping it could make her a famous model one day.

“I like the positive attention I get from it,” she says. “Even though I know what their intentions are it’s still nice to know that they think that about me because I don’t believe it sometimes.”

Despite getting the article published, Duffel could still lose her job.

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