Homeless woman performs indecent act while going to the bathroom in the streets of NYC

New York seems to be returning to the gritty days of the 1970s, complete with homeless men being sexually serviced on the streets.

A photo from the Big Apple’s Upper West Side shows what appears to be a pants-less woman providing oral sex for a topless man in the open.
The incident took place around 9 PM on Sunday, near West 79th Street and Broadway. 

Credit: Twitter

The picture is allegedly a common sight in NYC, and few locals appeared shocked by it.

The Daily Mail, however, found it “shocking” and reported an account from the photographer, who claimed the woman relieved herself in the street.
“It was vile,” the photographer said, “but [this] has become the norm for that area.”

New York has undergone a massive shift as liberal politics, rioting and disease continue to erode the city, prompting many wealthy New Yorkers to flee for other cities and states.

The self-purge of NYC’s more well-to-do has created great business for hire and DIY moving companies.

Not unlike Los Angeles, Portland, Denver, Seattle, and San Francisco, homelessness has become a major problem in the city, as well as violent crime and public defecation.

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