Homeowner catches man vandalizing his Trump sign, hits him multiple times with paintball rounds

It’s an election year, which means vandalism cases involving political signs are escalating- and so is the response to the vandalism.

A supporter of the current President of the United States videotaped an encounter with an individual messing with his private property, going so far as to deter the man with paintballs.

The vandal, who was initially caught on security cameras, trespassed onto the man’s property, exposed himself and began attempting to urinate on a Trump 2020 sign.

“What the f**k?” he shouted to the protester as he walked onto the porch.

“F**k you!” the undeterred vandal said as he flipped off the camera.

Now eager to get the vandal off his property, the resident shouldered his paintball gun and pointed it down at the man, unleashing a volley of paintballs.

“F**k outta here!” the homeowner shouted as he continued to fire upon the fleeing vandal.

The video was shared on Twitter, where it got considerable attention.

Given the names on the signs, the video appears to have been shot in Duluth, Minnesota. 

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