Homeowner defends his property, shoots at invaders as they run away

A violent burglary attempt was recorded on a home security system in Oklahoma, showing three bold and armed suspects trying to get into a Broken Arrow home.

The suspects -which are believed to be in their teens- approached the entryway, chambering rounds in their handguns as they approached and kicked in the door.

However, they found themselves face to face with the homeowner, who opened fire with his own weapon. Unfortunately, he only managed to hit his own truck.

“The suspects were not wearing masks, which is uncommon,” said Officer James Koch with the Broken Arrow Police Department. “It also what appears to be broad daylight, which is also uncommon.”

According to KTUL, the homeowner is unlikely to face charges for firing upon the invaders, despite not firing until they had all fled the scene.

“Everyone in the State of Oklahoma has a right to defend themselves inside their home,” said Koch.

Police are currently working to identify the suspects, which would no doubt take the edge off local residents.

“It’s not good to have those kinds of people around,” said Gina Wagner, an elderly woman who lives a few doors away from where the home invasion took place.

The homeowner, fearing that the suspects may return, asked not to be identified.

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