Illinois Democrat under fire for calling Waukesha Christmas parade killings “karma” for Rittenhouse verdict, even the children victims

An Illinois Democrat is under fire for justifying the Waukesha Christmas Parade killings, dubbing them “self-defense” in relation to the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal.

Mary Lemanski, social media director for the DuPage County Democratic Party, made a rather insensitive remark after an SUV plowed down parade participants on Sunday.

“It was probably just in self-defense,” she tweeted. “#Wisconsin #KyleRittenhouse.”

Despite being one of the best-documented cases of self-defense in recent history that was practically guaranteed an acquittal, the Rittenhouse case has angered many on the left, with some even raising the names of the rioters who attacked Rittenhouse -convicted rapist Joseph D. Rosenbaum and convicted domestic abuser Anthony Huber- as saint-like figures.

Lemanski did not stop at just one comment, however, and continued her litany of fury – tweeting that the children injured and killed in the Christmas parade incident had Rittenhouse victims’ blood on their hands.

“I’m sad,” she continued. “I’m sad anytime anyone dies. I just believe in Karma and this came around quick on the citizens of Wisconsin.”

In another, she simply said, “You reap what you sow, Wisconsin.”

According to Fox News, the single mother of two has been dubbed “DuPage Dems’ Difference Maker” in her self-written biography on the website of the DuPage County Democratic Party.

Earlier this month, Lemanski complained that people she dubbed as a “white wing group” and “fascists” attempted to prevent her from speaking at a school board meeting.

At least five people are dead and forty injured following the SUV attack, which involved suspect Darrell E. Brooks Jr.

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