“I’m in trouble:” President Biden spends 30 seconds frantically looking for mask for outdoor speech

The President of the United States was visibly shaken when he could not locate his mask during a speech in Georgia, panicking for a moment and claiming he would “get in trouble.”

President Joe Biden, who was in Duluth to mark his 100th day in office, spent half a minute frantically fumbling in an attempt to locate and don his mask.

“Looking for my mask,” he said,  “I’m in trouble.”

Eventually,  an aide came to assist him, providing a face covering. 

Biden’s fixation with face coverings has been comically documented, to include being the only individual wearing one during a remote video conference between world leaders.

According to the Daily Mail,  Biden spoke in favor of updated CDC mask guidelines, stating that while being outdoors is generally an okay time to be unmasked, such a practice will take time to get used to it.

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