In trouble with who? Biden tells reporters he’s “really going to be in trouble” after taking unscripted questions

President Joe Biden cut pressers off at the pass earlier today, claiming he would “be in trouble” if he answered their questions.

Speaking about new federal health guidelines for masks and people not wishing to get vaccinated for COVID-19, Biden cut down any off-the-cuff questions from reporters at the White House.

One question involved his wearing of a mask in a remote meeting between world leaders and a possible meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

I’m sorry,” he said. “This is the last question I’ll take, and I’m really gonna be in trouble.”

While it is remotely possible that it could be yet another Biden gaffe, his habit of not speaking candidly in front of reporters since taking office has been consistent.

On Twitter, Biden faced criticism for his comment.

“Can’t get over when Biden takes questions and keeps saying ‘I’m gonna get in trouble’ when he is the President of the United States,” wrote Jake Lahut.

According to Fox News, reporters have often been openly frustrated by a lack of transparency on border issues and the lack of press access to Biden- at least beyond what has often been the president sticking to prepared statements.

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