‘Inside Edition’ crew gets robbed, twice, while reporting on crime in San Francisco

YouTube video

The crew of “Inside Edition” got more than they bargained for after they set up a sting operation to confront the many “smash and grab” thieves that plague the San Francisco area.

Placing GPS devices in desirable items and placing them in vehicles to be stolen, the investigative reporters repeatedly shamed individuals for theft after the thieves went for the bait, which included a purse and guitar speaker.

According to Fox News, the robbers were often shy when confronted, and one even threatened to call his mother.

“Five million people are going to see [him] steal that,” said Lisa Guerrero.

Unfortunately for the camera crew, their actual crew vehicle was broken into, and thousands of dollars in equipment was stolen.

San Francisco suffered from over 31,000 reported “smash and grab” robberies in 2017 alone.

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