Instagram ‘model’ has meltdown after ‘likes’ removed from platform; doesn’t get much sympathy

A social media “influencer” from Australia went on a tear-soaked rant about not being able to make money after Instagram disabled their “likes” feature, and the world was not terribly sympathetic to her plight.

Mikaela Testa, a 19-year-old with two accounts, claimed the disabling of the “likes” could impact her mental health.

Testa went on to say that she invests too much into social media, and that she reads every comment and private message.

“What’s entertaining is that [she] actually thinks taking selfies 24-7 is a job,” one person responded.

Others told her to get better career advice.

In response, Testa posted a statement from, showing she made $35,149 in a year. The website is a favorite revenue source for “models” and adult entertainers.

“I decided to post it to prove to people the serious money that is within Instagram, people think Instagram isn’t a real job but it is,” she told the Daily Mail.

Other people who have made money off of Instagram are also figuring out how to move on after the company disabled the “likes” feature, which effectively allow sponsors to see which “influencers” are worth investing in.

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