Irish girl addicted to tanning, skin injections accused of being racist

An Northern Irish girl who is addicted to tanning is frequently mistaken for a black person- and her appearance has drawn accusations of racism.

22-year-old Hannah Tittensor became a “bronze addict” after she went on vacation to Turkey in 2015.

Since then, the previously-pale young woman began tanning frequently, and even began using Melanotan, a substance that can be injected to help the user’s skin become darker.

Naturally, this practice has drawn criticism from some, who accuse her of engaging in full-body “blackface.”

“Some people have accused me of trying to look like a black woman,” Tittensor told the Daily Mail. “I’m not trying to do that at all, I just like the way my skin looks healthy and glowing with a tan. Some girls can’t live without getting their nails or hair done and for me, it’s tanning.”

Melanotan is illegal in Northern Ireland, but that hasn’t stopped Tittensor.

“I absolutely love the color I go and much prefer this than spray or fake tan that’s smelly and makes you feel dirty,” she said.  “And it gets all over your clothes and bed.”

Her boyfriend, Ben, has also gotten into the practice of tanning, as he has become interested in bodybuilding and seeks out new ways to get the bronzed look he so craves.

“Bodybuilding has gotten really popular in Belfast, and so have the tanning injections with it,” said Ben.

While Tittensor has received a lot of criticism, she has no plans on cutting down on tanning.

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