“It brought my Dad and I closer:” Kimmy Granger reveals her dad is her manager

A 27-year-old “model” revealed shocking details about her relationship with her father during her career in adult entertainment.

Kimmy Granger started out as an exotic dancer but quickly shifted into making adult videos in her early twenties.

With 1 million followers on Instagram, she made the obvious jump over to the subscription-based platform, OnlyFans.

On Wednesday, Granger’s interview on Holly Randall’s Unfiltered podcast was released, revealing some of her regrets and reflections on her time in the adult industry.

She touched on subjects like going viral in her first adult video on Phub, regretting all three of her breast implants, her struggles with addiction, and her relationship with her father.

She revealed how traumatized her father was when he discovered she had started making adult videos, primarily “teen” videos.

“My dad, when he did find out, it was traumatizing,” she said.

“He was mortified, he wanted to die,” she recalled.

“He was like, ‘what the f*** did I do wrong as a father?’ No dad wants that for their kids.”

Granger said it took a long time for her father to come to terms with her career choice.

“It disturbed him and I gave him the space he needed, and then some months down the road after he found out, I would always reach out to him,” she said.

“I made it very clear to him that I’m safe and happy and not on drugs.”

She said he eventually changed his mind and now even has an active role in her career.

“It was almost like porn brought my dad and I closer together,” she said.

“Now he’s my manager; he manages all my finances and does all my bookkeeping, and we’re like a team.”

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