“I’ve been raped:” Walmart shopper hysterically screams after cutting a man in line

Screenshot from the video below

A woman had a hysterical and aggressive meltdown in Walmart, crying “rape” after a man called her out for cutting in line.

The masked woman, who could not be identified, could be seen wearing a backpack and screeching at what appears to be the security officer or manager of the store.

“I can’t calm down,” she said. “I can’t be f***ing touched.”

“I didn’t touch you ma’am,” the man replied to her.

“I’ve been raped not that long ago,” she shouted, “and I can’t stand another man touching me!”

“Well,” the man replied, “No one did that.”

The man filming -who is believed to be the one who called the woman out for cutting in line, seemed confused by the entire ordeal.

“Is..this a prank?” he asked.

Eventually, Walmart employees offered to take the man to another register and asked him what had happened.

“Hell if I know,” he said. “I’m so sorry.”

“He’s not sorry!” the woman interjected.

As the man tried to explain the situation to an employee, the woman became aggressive.

“She wasn’t sorry when she cut in line,” the man told the employee.

“F*** you!” the woman screamed.

As the man tried to explain the situation, the woman continued telling him to go away.

“Just leave! Just f***ing leave,” she cried. “Just go!”

“That’s an adult?” the man asked the employee, prompting the woman to let out a loud series of screeches and screams.

The employees then took the man to another register.

“Let’s go,” one male employee said. “Just to calm everything down.”

The video, posted by ShadeRoomed on YouTube, hit the internet on September 24 and has around 38,432 views.

The 437+ comments on the video were mostly critical of the woman’s behavior.

“God I pray for whatever man decides to stay in that situation,” Bruce Sanchez wrote.

“Please stop putting normal people in positions of compromise for people like this,” added user 7StringRonin. Negative Reinforcement is what they seek, Behave poorly, get attention.
They need to be isolated from the public by management until they can compose themselves, no MATTER what life has tossed at them. Other people have problems too.”

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