Jerry Nadler says police should be defunded, calls Portland chaos “a myth”

A US Congressman from New York who supports defunding the police claims that crime perpetrated by Antifa is a “myth.”

In a video shared by Essential Fleccas on Twitter, Congressman Jerry Nadler claimed that Antifa-related violence in Portland, Oregon, was a “myth,” and refused to disavow or denounce them.

“Do you disavow the violence from Antifa that’s happening in Portland right now?” Fleccas asked.

“That’s a myth,” he said, when pressed on the matter.

“There’s videos everywhere online,” Fleccas replied.

Nadler, who was having none of it, then made his way to a vehicle and quickly departed by way of a blue-shirted escort.

The video was posted to Twitter on Sunday night, and were followed with comments and video footage of Antifa affiliates causing mayhem with incendiary devices.

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