Judge in Rittenhouse trial bans MSNBC from courthouse following jury bus incident

MSNBC has been effectively barred from up-close coverage of the Kyle Rittenhouse case after one of their agents was allegedly caught trailing he jury bus.

In what may also strengthen the case for a mistrial, Judge Bruce Schroeder, the longest-serving circuit court judge in Wisconsin, reported on Thursday afternoon that the bus was being trailed.

Last evening..A person who identified himself as James G. Morrison, who claimed that he was a producer with NBC, MSNBC…Under the supervision of someone named Irene Byon in New York for MSNBC,” the judge said in video released by Disclose.TV, reading from a note on his computer.

Judge Schroeder went on to say that police stopped Morrison, who ran a traffic signal while trailing the jury bus, was instructed by Byon to follow the jury bus.

“I have instructed that no one from MSNBC News will be permitted in the building for the duration of this trial,” he added.

Schroeder referred to the act as an “extremely serious matter.”


It was also noted today that the jury bus’s windows have been blacked out to prevent the jurors from being able to see and be swayed by the protesters outside the courthouse.

According to LinkedIn, an employee by the name of Irene Byon does in fact work for NBC News, though she is listed as being based out of California.

Other factors, including threats to the judge and jury members, have also been documented, as well as several acts by the prosecution that could force a mistrial.


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