#JusticeforRi trends after Jacob Blake’s victim largely ignored

As riots and protests around the world  demand justice for the man shot by police in Wisconsin for fighting with police and going for a weapon,  a growing movement  is demanding justice for the victims of his crimes.

In an opinion piece by Tiana Lowe,  a question was raised: what of the woman Jacob Blake raped as one of her children slept beside her?

Blake, who had broken into the woman’s home prior to stripping her of her dignity and forcing himself upon her in front of a child, had also stolen the woman’s debit card and car keys.

In fact, according to The Washington Examiner’s guest writer, Blake was harassing the same woman -in violation of a restraining order- at the time his fateful police encounter took place.

Blake, who was wanted on a warrant for third-degree sexual assault, criminal trespass and disorderly conduct, attempted to fight officers and escaped two attempts to take him down with less-lethal devices by the time he made a run for his vehicle and reached inside,  where a knife was stowed.

Shot several times, Blake became another martyr in the Black Lives Matter movement, earning him veneration, protests and riots in his name. In August, Drew Brees and his New Orleans Saints teammates wore the man’s  name on their helmets as they practiced. 

Much  of this occurred before the facts of the case came out, and much of it continued well after.

The lionising of such a man, in Lowe’s eyes, is a sign of a bigger problem- the victims of domestic abuse who often suffer at the hands of men like Blake.

“This story is a tragedy, and it’s being ignored,” Lowe wrote. “That is the story of a woman subjected to repeated domestic abuse and sexual assault at the hands of an intimate partner. But unlike the overwhelming majority of the millions of people who suffer some sort of domestic violence or sexual assault per year, Blake’s victim nearly got justice.”

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