Kansas man demands trial by combat with ex-wife, asks court for time to forge a katana

The Highlander mascot for the Highlanders rugby union team. (Wikimedia Commons)

A Kansas man has demanded a trial by combat to settle a score with his former wife, and the courts are debating what to do in regards to the request.

In true Kill Bill fashion, David Ostrom has challenged Bridgette Ostrom to a duel with Japanese katanas to resolve a dispute, even going so far as to allow her attorney to fight in her place.

When questioned, Ostrom informed the Iowa District Court in Shelby County that the method had been used “as recently as 1818 in British Court.”

According to the Daily Mail, Ostrom, who insists his wife had “destroyed him legally,” demands satisfaction on the field of battle where “(he) will rend their souls from their corporeal bodies.”

He asked Iowa District Court to give him 12 weeks “lead time” to allow him to source or forge katana and wakizashi swords.

Bridgette’s attorney has requested that Ostrom be given a psychological evaluation.

The Iowa District Court has yet to respond.

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