Kazakhstan bodybuilder marries doll after being engaged for a year

Step aside, Borat- sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction when it comes to Kazakhstan.

A Kazakh bodybuilder has married a sex doll following over eight months of dating and a year of engagement, according to sources.

Yuri Tolochko, who spares few moments outside of the gym, expressed his love for his new bride, Margo, in a recent ceremony.

Margo, whose eyes evoke a quote about the lifeless gaze of a shark from the film “Jaws,” was not available for comment when it came to expressing her opinions about the marriage.

According to the New York Post, the couple was engaged in December of 2018, following eight months of dating one another.

“It’s happened. To be continued,” the actor and bodybuilder wrote on Instagram.

Tolochko met Margo at a nightclub and took her away from a situation of sorts, and their wedding was delayed after he was attacked during an Almaty transgender rally in October.

Tolochko, who identifies as “pansexual,” is a big fan of BDSM.

“I love being tortured, I can endure a lot of pain. I love to dominate too. Margo is capable of what other people are not capable of,” he said.


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