Kyle Rittenhouse wants to meet with Biden, ask why president labeled him a white supremacist

The young man who survived a deadly encounter with rioters during the 2020 Kenosha riots is speaking up over the ill treatment he has been subjected to by President Joe Biden. 

Kyle Rittenhouse, who was seventeen years of age when he was forced to switch from a medical role to a defensive one, was recently acquitted of all charges related to the shooting of three rioters, which ultimately left two dead.

While all three individuals shot posed a threat to Rittenhouse and had lengthy criminal records, many in high-profile society were quick to denounce Rittenhouse- including the sitting US President. 

During his campaign, Biden had used a photo of Rittenhouse and portrayed it over a sound bite concerning white supremacy. 

When asked by Glenn Beck if Biden had apologized to Rittenhouse, the young man claimed he had not.

“He hasn’t, ” he said.

Now, Rittenhouse would like to sit down with Biden and tell him the facts of what happened that fateful night.

“I would like to sit down with the president and have a conversation with him and tell him the facts of what happened,” he said.

According to the New York Post, Rittenhouse, who insists the case was one of self defense, has plans to attend Arizona State University and become an attorney despite protests from campus socialist groups. 

“That’s where I wanna go. I don’t want people to control what I do and where I go to school,” he said. “I have as much of a right as anybody else to get an education and go to a school I want to go to.”


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