L.A. county health inspector caught dancing on camera after shutting down brewery on Super Bowl Sunday

A “Karen” health inspector was caught on tape performing a “happy dance” after she used her authority to shut down a Los Angeles County-area brewery, sparking controversy and an investigation.

Footage, which was shared to Twitter, showed the inspector sanitizing her hands before engaging in a dance routine following the shutdown of Bravery Brewery on Super Bowl Sunday, one of the few days a year when pubs and breweries are packed and serving up rounds around the clock.

According to, the owner, Bart Avery, the inspector stated that he had to stop all operations, despite the fact that the brewery was only pouring draught beer to go.

After giving the order that left Avery “decimated financially and emotionally,” the inspector began to dance, unaware that she was on camera.

“An LA County health inspector dances moments after ordering @BraveryBrewing to close,” tweeted local radio host Steven Gregory. “She ended up being wrong. Ruined BB’s Super Bowl business.”

As it turned out, the inspector’s judgement call on Bravery Brewery was not within guidelines, and the location could have remained open.

Veteran and former pro-fighter Tim Kennedy expressed his disgust.

“These government bureaucrats will celebrate your bankruptcy. They will laugh at us as we struggle to feed our kids. They get a paycheck regardless. Their lust for control [knows] no bounds,” tweeted UFC fighter Tim Kennedy.

The incident has resulted in public demand for the woman -who, for many, is the epitome the power-hungry busybody “Karen” caricature- to be fired.

“Bravery Brewery does so much for our local veterans. The Avery family are committed volunteers in the AV & have suffered financial hardships [because] of Newsom’s unsteady leadership,” said California State Senator Scott Wilk in a statement.


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