LA Times writer takes heat for labeling neighbors who snow-shoveled her driveway ‘Hezbollah,’ and ‘Nazis’ because they are ‘Trumpites’

An LA Times columnist who compared to her conservative neighbors to Hezbollah and Nazi sympathizers after they shoveled the snow out of her driveway is being criticized by netizens and media personalities alike, including Megyn Kelly.

Virginia Heffernan, a New York-based writer for the increasingly left-wing syndicated publication, wrote on Friday that “Trumpites” living adjacent to their “pandemic getaway” had shoveled the snow from her driveway following a winter storm, and that she was conflicted about how to obligatorily express gratitude.

“Of course, on some level, I realize I owe them thanks -and, man, it really looks like the guy back-dragged the driveway like a pro- but how much thanks?” she wrote.

Heffernan questioned what kind of motive the neighbors had when they committed to the random act of neighborly kindness.

“Hezbollah, the Shiite Islamist political party in Lebanon, also gives things away for free,” she wrote. “The favors Hezbollah does for people in the cities Tyre and Sidon probably don’t involve snowplows, but, like other mafias, Hezbollah tends to its own- the Shiite sick, elderly and hungry. They offer protection and hospitality and win loyalty that way. And they also demand devotion to their brutal, us-versus-them anti-Sunni cause. Some of us are family, the favors say; the rest are infidels.”

“My neighbors supported a man who showed near-murderous contempt for the majority of Americans,” she added. “They kept him in business with their support.”

In the end, Heffernan’s apparent need to virtue-signal outweighed her ability to look past politics and see people as, well, people.

“Free driveway work, as nice as it is, is just not the same currency as justice and truth,” she wrote.

The former New York Times/Politico/Wired author quickly found her tone-deaf article being scrutinized the world over.

“Maybe don’t let politics rule your life?” Matt Brinkman responded on Twitter. “This will sound old-fashioned, but I would have said thank you and maybe took them a dessert, or had one delivered, to show my appreciation.”

User @Hitaputt was a little more blunt than Brinkman.

“This column says a lot more about your character than your neighbors,” he wrote. “I’m very happy that you and your judgmental attitude are not my neighbor.”

On February 7, Megyn Kelly took to Twitter to criticize Heffernan.

“This woman compares her Trump-supporting neighbors, who plowed her driveway, to Nazi sympathizers & Hezbollah & wrestles w/whether to show them any kindness since she ‘can’t give them absolution,'” she wrote. “Note to Virginia Heffernan’s neighbors: don’t plow again.”

It is unknown whether or not the article has caused friction between the two households.

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