‘Lady Frijoles’ who complained of food at migrant camp arrested for assaulting Texas woman with a gun

“Lady Frijoles” aka Mirian Zelaya Gómez.

A Honduran national in Texas -who was known as “Lady Frijoles” in Mexico after she complained about food given to migrants- is behind bars for assaulting a woman with a firearm.

Mirian Z. Gomez was arrested alongside her sister, Mirna Z. Gomez, on March 27 on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

According to British Tabloid The Daily Mail, the Gomez sisters reportedly threatened the landlady of the Dallas property they rent.

Mirian Gomez became a public figure in 2018, when she was interviewed in Mexico as part of the migrant caravan that threatened to reach the United States of America.

During the interview, she complained of the food, claiming it was “pig” food that was not fit for human consumption, despite being free.

“The truth is that the food they are giving us is fatal,” she said. “Look at what they are giving us.”

She would later apologize for her tirade, but was known as “Lady Frijoles” from then on.

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