Lost in translation or cheap marketing stunt? Subaru Forester model has vulgar acronym

Geoff Herbert

Syracuse Media Group, N.Y.

A new edition of the Subaru Forester is raising eyebrows, but not for its looks or automotive features.

According to Autoblog, the Japanese carmaker unveiled the Forester Ultimate Customised Kit Special edition – or F—S edition, for short – at the 2020 Singapore Motor Show this week. A photo going viral shows the vehicle in Subaru’s World Rally Blue with pink (or red) accents in a showroom with the NSFW acronym.

“Make an acronym out of that name, and you’ll see why we consider it… interesting, for lack of a better word,” Top Gear Philippines said. “That said, it’s kind of fitting, too, because you’d probably give zero f***s if your car looked like this.”

Was something lost in translation? Is this an intentional joke for drivers with an irreverent sense of humor? Or just a really bad car accident?

Both sites describe the car as a generic show car, though this special edition of the Forester is closer to the ground than usual thanks to 20-inch Enkei wheels wrapped in low-profile rubber. It also boasts a powerful audio system with a large touchscreen infotainment system up front, a subwoofer and Focal amps in the trunk, and tablet-style LCD monitors for passengers in the rear.

But otherwise, it’s not much different from the standard Subaru Forester, a four-cylinder SUV that gets props from Consumer Reports for its roomy interior, easy controls and decent fuel economy at 28 mpg overall. “But acceleration isn’t exhilarating, and the engine’s noise isn’t the most pleasant,” the publication said of the 2020 model.

“The execution leads us to believe that either its builders had no clue, or they simply gave no… well… you know,” Autoblog wrote.

“For the consumer who wants to make the statement: ‘i drive a subaru forester….and i f—,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Just start telling people: ‘I’m all out of Subarus,’” another joked.

“Who says Foresters aren’t cool?” a third tweeted.


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