Man arrested on terrorism charge after filming himself licking items on Walmart shelves

An attention seeking man in his mid-twenties was arrested after he uploaded a video of himself licking toiletries in Walmart and shared it on Snapchat.

Missouri resident Cody Pfister was charged with making terroristic threats after he jumped on the bandwagon of younger people making light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Warrenton Police took Pfister into custody on Tuesday, several days after the man posted the video to Snapchat.

The specifics of the charge state the Pfister “knowingly causing a false belief or fear that a condition involving danger to life existed.”

Far from a model citizen known for making good life choices, Pfister is no stranger to law enforcement interaction and has previous convictions for burglary and theft.

Piers Morgan, a UK TV presenter who became infamous in the United States for his draconian stances on the 2nd Amendment, denounced Pfister earlier this week, demanding he be locked up and denied healthcare if he contracts coronavirus.

“You know what I’d like to happen to him? I’d like him found, and I’m sure they’ll get him, put in prison immediately and then I’d like him deprived of any health care should he get the virus having deliberately tried to give it, potentially, to lots of other people,” Morgan said in a long-winded rant on ITV. “’That might concentrate the minds of these morons. And it might concentrate the minds of these morons here too.”

According to the Daily Mail, another man -Justin Rhodes- was arrested in North Carolina for walking around a Walmart while loudly announcing he as COVID-19 positive. 

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