Man at Louisville restaurant pulls gun on protesters after being surrounded

An unruly mob of BLM activists angry about the death of Breonna Taylor caused quite a stir in Louisville, Kentucky- so much so that one diner having his meal interrupted felt the need to draw a firearm, sparking an armed standoff.

The encounter, which took place on Saturday evening at an upscale European restaurant called La Chasse, involved a group of BLM activists and restaurant patrons, with the former marching down the street as the latter ate.

Eventually, some of the activists encroached upon the establishment property, harassing the diners and acting in a threatening manner.

In response, one diner produced a North American Arms single action revolver, presumably chambered in .22LR or .22WMR.

The situation quickly became a standoff between diners and activists, with several people in the equation being armed and others screaming in each other’s faces.

During the encounter, one person continually demanded that the crowd disperse.

“Go!” she shouted, motioning away from the tables. “Go!”

“During the encounter both patrons and protesters brandished firearms,” Louisville Metro Police spokeswoman Alicia Smiley told Fox News. “This incident occurred after the arrests of southbound protesters in the area on the 1500 block of Bardstown Road. The arrests of that group were made after protesters repeatedly blocked the roadway despite officers giving multiple verbal requests for them to utilize the sidewalk.”

Police reported several arrests, citing that the individuals arrested had repeated lawful commands to disperse from the roadway and remain on the sidewalk.

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