Man in Rome wears giant disc to enforce social distancing amid Coronavirus outbreak

Following a rather lackluster approach to disease control, Italy has become a hotspot for coronavirus cases, and the entire country has effectively come to a screeching halt.

The subsequent panic that followed has reportedly reached silly heights, including one Italian who is now wearing a giant disc to keep people at arm’s length from him.

The man, who was filmed walking around town wearing a giant disc and walking around the Testaccio market, was later made famous by Instagram user Daniel Bondi.

“What would this security distance be for?” the cameraman, presumably Bondi, asks the disc-man.

“For coronavirus!” the man replied.

“Wonderful,” the cameraman said sarcastically. “I can’t cope!”

The disc appears to have been made from a type of foam, and was well constructed, attached to the man via suspenders-like straps.

The video was posted across the internet, including to the internet meme/cultural site, 9GaG.

“This is a very appropriate solution [for] the country [that] invented pizza,” one user wrote.

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