Man refuses to hand over cell phone to armed robber, calmly lights up cigarette at bar in St. Louis

An armed robber who took over a bar in St. Louis was baffled to find one man who wasn’t the least bit bothered by his intrusion.

The thief -who entered Behrmann’s Tavern armed with a Hi-Point Carbine around 12:30 Wednesday morning- demanded everyone drop to the floor upon his entrance.

“My biggest concern was for the people that were sitting there,” said bartender Dustin Krueger.

For the most part, everyone complied- all except one person, who simply wasn’t having it.

“He just was very adamant about it like, ‘I’m not playing your game,’” said Krueger.

Despite being threatened with the pistol-caliber budget firearm, the patron was unwilling to even surrender his phone, and the robber eventually gave up on him.

Realizing there were plenty of compliant victims in the bar, the bandit continued his round-up, grabbing wallets and valuables before raiding the register.

According to KMOV4, the robber escaped, having seized items from five men and one woman.

No injuries were reported and the man remains at large.

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