Man salutes before “legally” defecating in front of Nancy Pelosi’s home

A man popped a squat on a San Francisco sidewalk to defecate- something that seemingly happens every day in the once vibrant city.

However, this man was a YouTuber, and the sidewalk was in front of the house of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

A much-maligned character in California following a secret rendezvous at a hair salon in the shuttered city of San Francisco, Pelosi has become a target for online commentators and meme posters alike.

However, YouTuber Lifes Mavrek posted a video of himself taking the matter a step further.

Checking to see if the scene was clear outside the Pelosi home, LM saluted the camera, dropped his shorts, and defecated on the sidewalk outside of the residence.

After he finished, he wiped off and walked up to his camera.

“That’s for President Trump,” he said.

The YouTuber named the video “Poopalosi,” and it has since been taken down.

It is not clear if the man will face charges, as viewers point out the defecation occurred on the public sidewalk, which has bascially been decrimilized do to the ongoing homeless crisis.

San Francisco even employs workers, referred to as the “Poop Patrol” to pick up human feces.

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