Man who transitioned to a woman for 8 years, then back, has dire warning about ‘gender dysphoria’

A man who underwent gender reassignment surgery in the 1980s to look more like a woman is issuing a warning to young people who think they are “transgender”- think it through before you go under the knife.

Walt Heyer, a 79-year-old American father of two, has been accused of being “transphobic” for his opinions, despite making them in an effort to prevent young people from making rash an often permanent decisions.

Born a male, Heyer was sexually abused as a child, a recurring theme for many who often seek out sex changes and later regret it.

Heyer’s family was the culprit for his traumas, with his uncle frequently molesting him and his grandmother delighting in making him wear clothing designed for girls.

“After two and a half years my parents found out and my grandmother was no longer allowed to look after me,” Heyer recounted. “My dad started applying heavy discipline in terms of spanking and so forth. I think it was his way of trying to ‘’man me up.’ I understand that he was confused, he didn’t know what to do.”

Thinking that reassignment surgery was the answer, Heyer went under the knife and took hormones in the early 1980s, hoping it would solve his problems.

However, it didn’t- and the problems only became worse.

“Every single person of the thousands I have spoken with over the years can pinpoint the trauma or the abuse that lies at the root of it all,” he said. “It’s not about wanting to be a different gender. It’s about wanting to be a different person- not wanting to be the boy or the girl who was hurt.”

Now, as he watches the news, he sees young boys such as James Younger, a Dallas boy who is embroiled in a custody dispute and -thanks to what many feel stems from his mother’s influence- identifies as a little girl.

Heyer met James through the boy’s father, and noted that the young lad (who goes by “Luna” when in his female persona) is being psychologically abused by his mother, who also dresses him in female clothing.

“He had no idea about being gender dysphoric, but his mother has such a strong influence on him, and she keeps feeding him this idea that he was female,” Heyer said of James. “I believe he was fearful about going against his mom. When he was evaluated at the gender clinic and asked to pick the name he preferred, James or Luna, he picked James every time. He only ever picked Luna when his mom was there.”

Heyer, who was James’ age when his grandmother began cross-dressing him, does not see a good outcome for the lad, according to an interview by Daily Mail.

“It’s just so unfortunate that this young boy is going through this trauma and, quite frankly, I think abuse that’s going to do more damage to him than anything else,” he said.

An engineer, Heyer helped work on the Apollo space missions and even worked for Honda, living a successful and rewarding life prior to his transition, only to lose it all shortly after.

In the end, despite promises from mental health professionals that the gender reassignment surgery would fix everything, Heyer realized the folly of it all only after it was too late.

“I began to see that it’s just a cosmetic change,” he said. “And so, there’s got to be something underlying and pushing this to cause you to not like who you are. So much so that you try to become someone that you can really never become.”

According to the Daily Mail, Heyer warns those diagnosed with “gender dysphoria” to really think about what the underlying problem really is.

“I began to wonder why the therapist who approved me for surgery didn’t explore things like sexual or physical abuse?” he said.

In Heyer’s eyes, there is no “transitioning,” only undergoing surgeries to pretend to be something one isn’t, in a desperate attempt to escape underlying trauma.

“Changes to my body didn’t make me a woman,” he said. “I never stopped being a man. It was simple to remove the breast implants. I opted to work on my psyche and live with the rest.”

As for celebrities undergoing gender reassignment, Heyer is less than tactful.

“I’ll be interested to see how Caitlyn Jenner feels in eight years,” he said.

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