Meet Katherine Sears: Wife, mother, attorney AND unashamed prostitute

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A married lawyer and mother of one is part-timing as a prostitute, and she’s doing it legally.

Katherine Sears is a wife, mother and practicing attorney who lives in Iowa. She also takes time out of her schedule to work at a brothel in Nevada, where prostitution is legal.

“You can make a job out of this. It’s fantastic,” she said. “Why would I not do this?”

Sears hopes to legitimize the sex industry and move forward.with the legalization of prostitution across the United States.

“I think the more we talk about it the better our chances are of getting the decriminalization we’re pursuing. We’re not going to have legislative change if we’re passive about it,” she said.

In addition to being a hot-button issue that she’s passionate about, she also makes quite a bit of money.

“I’d have to get my taxes out and look at it. The best I did- I made $55,000 in three weeks,” she said of her profits.

With a four-month old son and a husband, she seems to have no issue with it, and says that it is all about knowing the human aspect.

“Prostitutes are people,” she told WALB. “The prostitutes I’ve known are some of the best people I’ve known.”

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